Food For Fuel

High Performance Nutrition for High Performing Gymnasts

I help competitive gymnasts fuel their bodies, prevent injuries, and reach their highest potential.

-Kerry Bair, RD, LDN, MPH


Achieve Your Goals

Are you a competitive gymnast looking to reach your highest potential? 

Maybe you'd like to learn harder skills, put together more competitive routines, move up to the next level, or qualify to states, regionals, or nationals. Maybe your goal is to earn a college scholarship. But how do you get there?

My name is Kerry Bair. I am a registered dietitian and I help competitive gymnasts fuel their bodies, prevent injuries, and reach their highest potential.

My expertise is teaching gymnasts how have more energy during practice, build more strength and endurance, reduce their risk of injury, and build a healthy relationship with food.

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Owner, Head Coach

Synergy Gymnastics, PA

It takes a village to build happy, healthy gymnasts, and Kerry understands it because she has walked the walk and now she can talk the talk. There is so much "stuff" on the internet these days when it comes to nutrition, but Kerry knows her stuff. She understands gymnastics as well as nutrition and that puts her at a huge advantage when working with these gymnasts.  If you get the opportunity to work with Kerry, DO IT. You Won't regret it.

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Level 10, Multnomah Athletic Club, OR

Kerry helped me have better energy at the gym and wake up with more energy. Kerry was very helpful and I would recommend working with her.

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Senior,Rutgers University Club Gymnastics

Kerry broke the information down perfectly and made sure we understood from a gymnast perspective. I've made adjustments to how quickly I eat, pay more attention to my portions on my plate as well as when I was getting hungry. I adjust what I eat based off of whether or not foods were filling me long enough. I noticed I was a lot more energized and didn’t feel so heavy at practice.

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