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The Top 5 Fueling Tips for Gymnasts Headed Back to School

I recently wrote a blog post for Full Out Collegiate Recruiting, sharing my Top 5 fueling tips for gymnasts heading back to school. Make sure you visit their website to read up and subscribe so you never miss out on their great resources and information!

"Going back to school looks a little different this year for many gymnasts. Whether you are going to in-person school, learning from home or in pods at the gym, our gymnasts need our support now more than ever. And just because things are uncertain doesn't mean gymnasts fueling routines need to suffer!

  1. Get Back to Routines: Gymnasts need to eat throughout the day to stay energized, fuel their body for training and recovery, and check all their nutritional boxes. Optimize your fueling routine and plan a meal or snack every 2 to 3 hours.

  2. Have a Plan: With busy schedules, nutrition tends to fall by the wayside. Make a family fueling plan each week and set yourself up for success. Use a calendar or notepad (like this one) to plan meals and snacks ahead of time and shop with a list to make sure nothing gets forgotten. Use time wisely to prep fruits and veggies or batch cook grains and protein ahead of time. And of course, keep it realistic! Use all your kitchen tools and lean on convenience items to make a weekly menu that works for you!

  3. Follow a Fueling Plate: Whether you’re still home doing Zoom workouts or you’re back in the training, the easiest way to ensure you’re fueling with the right amount of energy, types of foods, and vitamins/minerals to maximize performance is to model your meals after “The Athlete’s Plate”. Get the guide here!

  4. Make Breakfast A Priority: No matter if you’re running for the bus or rolling out of bed to your desk, fuel up before school! Breakfast not only gets you focused on your school work, but helps your body continue to recover from last night’s practice and store up energy for your next session. Start simple! Breakfast sandwiches, protein bars, or smoothies are easy ways to get a quick balanced meal before that first class.

  5. Carry a Water Bottle: Gymnasts should drink at minimum ½ their body weight in water each day (before we even think about practice hydration). The easiest way to do that is to carry a bottle with you to school or keep a cup at your desk. If you find water boring, grab a flavored or sparkling water option or flavor it yourself with your favorite fruits, veggies, or fresh herbs.

While this school year might be a little different, you can still stay well fueled and achieve your goals in the gym!"

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Kerry Bair, RD, LDN, MPH

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