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I help competitive gymnasts fuel their bodies, prevent injuries, and reach their highest potential.

Food for Fuel is a nutrition resource to support high-performing gymnasts and the gymnastics community that provides evidence based, practical, and sport specific nutrition information to help gymnasts perform at a their highest potential and achieve their goals.

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NCAA Division 1 Gymnast

I was struggling to eat enough and enough of the right types of foods. Kerry gave me clear goals to develop healthier eating habits Incrementally, so it wasn’t so overwhelming.

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Head Team Coach,

Central Bucks Gymnastics & Dance, PA

After having one of my level 10s work with Kerry, physically, her skills seem strong. She's usually open about feeling tired or weak. Lately, she hasn't had to hold back. She seems happier and her mood is lighter.

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Senior,Rutgers University Club Gymnastics

Kerry broke the information down perfectly and made sure we understood from a gymnast perspective. I've made adjustments to how quickly I eat, pay more attention to my portions on my plate as well as when I was getting hungry. I adjust what I eat based off of whether or not foods were filling me long enough. I noticed I was a lot more energized and didn’t feel so heavy at practice.

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