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Fueling the Compulsory Gymnast

Get the tools you need to help your gymnast use food as fuel, so they can be their best and healthiest self, in and out of the gym.

Female Gymnast on Balance Beam

What if you could know exactly what to feed your gymnast so they could be their best and healthiest in and out of the gym?

If only feeding your gymnast came with a manual...


Here's the problem...

Most parents have no idea what to feed their gymnasts or for that matter, how to talk to their kid about nutrition.


If you’re like most parents new to gymnastics, you might be finding:


You are always on the go, dinner is a mad race to get to practice on time.


Your child puts up a fight at meal times because they either aren’t hungry or don’t want to eat what you’ve offered


Your kid is eating more sugar/junk than you want them to, but they don’t seem to want anything else 


Your gymnast is falling asleep at the dinner table and is always tired

But what if...

What if you knew exactly what to feed your gymnast and even better, your child understood how to fuel their body like an athlete.


Can you imagine?

Dinner is no longer frustrating, because you know the exact blueprint for what to prepare

Your gymnast is motivated to eat, because they know how much it impacts their body and performance


You’re no longer worried that your child is enough enough or the right foods


You know exactly what to pack in your gymnast’s bag for practices

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Fueling the Compulsory Gymnast

A Nutrition Workbook for Young Gymnasts and Parents

An interactive guide to teach parents and gymnasts how to fuel like a high-level athlete in and out of the gym.




I have so much more energy and feel more confident!

Gymnasts Practicing


A 25+ page interactive e-book workbook that includes:

  • A Body Signals Guide to help your gymnast better understand if they are eating enough

  • Easy Journal Prompts to help your gymnast understand their personal hunger and fullness cues

  • Foundational Nutrition Education For Gymnasts so they:

    • Have the tools to make informed food choices

    • Have more energy for school and gymnastics

    • Build more strength and endurance

    • Struggle less with soreness

    • Are at lower risk of injury

    • Are confident in their food choices

    • Are less likely to engage in disordered eating behaviors or develop an eating disorder

    • Have a better chance of competing at a higher level

  • An Eat the Rainbow Challenge to teach gymnasts how to eat variety of nutrients

  • The Gymnast’s Plate Method makes it simple to guide gymnasts to create a balanced plate that works for them

  • The Gymnast's Snack Guide to help them stay fueled before, during, and after practice or meets

  • Personal Fueling Schedule Guide 

  • Personal Hydration Guide

Worth $99

You Pay $49


A 30+ page interactive e-book workbook pages that includes:

  • How to talk to your gymnast about food (this can be a sensitive subject, this guide shares the basic do’s and don’ts!)

  • Foundational Nutrition Education For Parents of Gymnasts so you can better understand how to fuel your gymnast (and why)​

  • Meal Planning Guide and Planner to help make fueling your gymnast (and the rest of your family) simple

  • The Gym Family's Grocery List

  • How to deal with picky eaters

  • 80+ Meal Ideas, Snack Ideas, and Recipes that are simple, kid-friendly, packable/portable, and fueling for athletes

  • FAQs - learn from a dietitian

    • Why is my gymnast always eating? 

    • Is my gymnast eating too much? 

    • Why is my gymnast always craving sweets? 

    • What am I supposed to feed my gymnast before a meet?

Worth $99

You Pay $49

Here's how it all breaks down...


What makes this guide different?

There is a lot of nutrition information on the internet. It is hard to know what is right for your young gymnast! Especially since so much of that information is often for adults and high-level athletes.

This guide is the only self-led, interactive workbook that parents AND young gymnasts can do together!

Are you ready to finally know what your gymnast needs to eat, so they can be their healthiest?

Here's what you get!

  • 25+ page interactive e-book workbook for gymnasts: $99

  • 30+ page interactive e-book workbook for parents: $99

  • 80+ meal ideas, snack ideas, and recipes: $49

Total Value: $247
Yours For Only $90


Hey parents, I’m Kerry - I’m a Registered Dietitian for gymnasts.

As a former gymnast, I get it. The first few years in competitive gymnastics can be tough!

​There's so much to learn and understand!

  • Getting used to training schedules

  • The atmosphere of competition

  • Understanding your coach's expectations

  • And all the lingo!

For years, I've heard parents of young gymnasts searching for information on what they should be feeding their gymnasts!

You know nutrition plays an important role for your gymnast to be their absolute best in the gym.

But you just don't know what (or how much) they should be eating…

Don't you wish fueling your gymnast came with a training manual?

Now there is one!

Still not sure if this guide is for you?

This guide is perfect for parents and gymnasts who are new to the sport of gymnastics (less than 3 years in) and who want to help their gymnast fuel and recover like a high-level athlete.


This guide is for parents who struggle to talk to their child about nutrition, don’t know what to feed their gymnast, and want their kid to be the healthiest athlete they can be!


Grab your guide today and get started fueling your gymnast NOW!

You Get:


  • 25+ page interactive e-book workbook for gymnasts: $99

  • 30+ page interactive e-book workbook for parents: $99

  • 80+ meal ideas, snack ideas, and recipes: $49

Total Value: $147
Yours For Only $90

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