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Your one-stop-shop

to more instruction, resources, and answers at your fingertips so you can get all of your team athletes, parents, and coaches on board with evidence based nutrition recommendations THAT WORK!

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As parents, club owners, and coaches,  we have incredible influence on the children we interact with and we have the unique opportunity to shape the way our gymnasts feel about their bodies and food choices.

But, so many of us were never actually taught this stuff. We were  just left to figure it out on our own. How are we supposed to best support the next generation when so much of the information correlated health and fueling with the our bodies look. The pressures of society do not support the high level of training it takes to be a high caliber gymnast.

For decades, this has left gymnasts underfueled and struggling with the repercussions: 

   ❌ Tired, fatigued, and struggling to get through their workouts
   ❌ Feeling so sore they can't move
   ❌ Dealing with mental blocks, frustrations, and out

       of control emotions
   ❌ Stuck in the constant cycle of injuries

   ❌ Body image concerns and poor relationship with food
   ❌ Careers cut short or falling short of their fullest potential

And yet, with nearly 4000+ gymnastics clubs across the USA (and even more around the world), most do not have the opportunity to work with a registered dietitian that really knows and understands the nuances of the sport of gymnastics.

That leaves a lot of coaches, parents, and most importantly athletes without proper nutrition support.

What if you had a hub, designed to give your gymnasts and their families the most helpful fueling resources and recommendations?

A one-stop-shop for everything needed to fuel your gymnast in and out of the gym?

Hey, I’m Kerry - I’m a Registered Dietitian for gymnasts, former high-level gymnast, and I'm here to help!

As a former gymnast, and long time gymnastics coach, I get it. The athletes, parents, coaches, and gyms need simple, easily accessible, real nutrition information!

For years, I've heard parents of young gymnasts searching for information on what, why, and how they should be feeding their gymnasts!

And I've heard coaches struggle to get everyone on the same page. 

You know nutrition plays an important role for your gymnast to be their absolute best in the gym. To keep them healthyhappy, and high performing, today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

But you just don't know how to get everyone on the same page, 

Don't you wish fueling your gymnast came with a training manual?

Now there is one!

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See, when I was a high level gymnast growing up, nutrition was never, ever talked about in the gym.


So, when it was eventually brought up, it was because a problem had come up (recurring injury, poor performance, full blown eating disorder). It felt so strange, foreign, &

It was such a stigmatized subject that every time it
was even mentioned, we felt like we were being called
out, attacked, or accused of having a problem...

But, there are so many problems (both big & small) that
can be prevented or significantly reduce the risk of by
talking about nutrition in a way that is rooted in
science, sensitive, & age appropriate


Instead of after problems with performance, injury, or body image concerns have occurred.

Just talking about nutrition does not mean you have to have a problem


Talking to gymnasts about nutrition *in an appropriate way* does not cause eating disorders.


Talking about nutrition does not have to wait until there is a problem.


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All the tools gymnasts need to use food as fuel, so they can be their best and healthiest self, in and out of the gym for years to come

With The Fueled Gymnast Team Toolkit
You'll Have Access To

And More!


4 Video Trainings

On sports nutrition basics, performance nutrition, hydration, and underfueling


Worksheet Pages

To help individual families take this essential information and implement it in a way that works best for them


Fact Sheets

Information and handouts on a variety of topics important to keeping gymnasts healthy, happy, and high performing



Family friendly, fueling meal ideas and snack lists to keep even the busiest of gymnasts happy and fed

Get The Toolkit and Start Fueling Better TODAY

Gymnasts Practicing

You're A Coach or Club Owner

Who understands the importance of nutrition and how it impacts health, performance, and longevity of a gymnast

And is tired of seeing your athletes:

   ❌ Not having enough energy to get through workouts

        or train the way you really wish they could
   ❌ Feeling so sore they can't move
   ❌ Struggle with mental blocks, frustrations, and out

       of control emotions (aka being "uncoachable")
   ❌ Deal with the constant cycle of injuries
   ❌ Have to experience catch up growth that follows

        inevitable underfueling related injuries (and makes

        it so, so, so much more difficult to adjust back to

   ❌ Fall deep into an internet *nutrition* rabbit hole
         that preaches diet culture, disordered eating, &
         unobtainable standards

And fed up with parents *not caring*


You want to do more to integrate proper, adequate nutrition into your team's culture to reduce the risk of:

  • Injuries

  • Underfueling,


  • Body image issues.


As a club, you have the opportunity to purchase this toolkit for your entire team, and share the valuable information with both your current team families



New families as they join your team for years to come!

With added bonus content just for your coaches and staff!

You A Parent Of A Gymnast

Who wishes there was just a one-stop shop designed specifically to give you and your gymnast the most helpful fueling information.

And you know all the mainstream nutrition recommendations & meals plans you see aren’t actually created for a high-level gymnast like yours. So... 

You just guess at what and when to feed your gymnast

You just try to feed them as healthy or clean as possible (while

        unintentionally underfueling them in the process...)

❌ You try to cut out foods (like sugar, carbs, gluten, dairy) and 

       throw every supplement mentioned in a random Facebook   

       group in hopes it helps

You feel like you spend way too much time thinking about 

       food. It’s confusing, time consuming, and distracting.


​And you're not sure if it's even working!

You just need access to more

  • Instruction

  • Resources


  • Answers


Right at your fingertips when it comes to feeding and fueling your family, while balancing a busy gymnastics schedule.

As a parent, you don't have to wait for your gym to invest! You can have personal access 

This Toolkit is For You If

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"It's all so very easy to read and use, even at a glance. The format is so incredibly easy to use for myself and my gymnast".

Mom, Level 7 Gymnast

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