6-Week Small Group Nutrition Program Designed Specifically for Gymnasts 

In this state of the art program created and led by Kerry Bair RD, LDN, MPH, former gymnast, gymnastics coach, and gymnastics registered dietitian nutritionist, learn how to fuel your body as a high-level, competitive gymnast in a way that is science based, simple to understand, and works for any lifestyle.

During the 6-week program, you’ll get access to The Fueled Gymnast Academy course, handouts, weekly activities, goal setting, journal prompts, recipes, and more to improve your performance.

Fueling your body doesn't have to be a guessing game.

And you don't have to figure it out on your own.

Fueling your body is essential to having great energy, feeling your best, and reaching your potential.

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The Fueled Gymnast Academy

The simplest way to learn how to fuel your body to stay healthy and perform your best!

Welcome To The Fueled Gymnast Academy!

Hey! I'm Kerry.


I used to be a level 10 and NCAA gymnast. Now I'm a registered dietitian nutritionist (RD) who works specifically with gymnasts!

My career as a gymnast certainly did not go as planned. From the time I was a teenager, I was always so tired and I struggled with injury after injury. I felt like my body could never recover and ultimately forced me into an early retirement after my junior year of college.

It wasn’t until I become an RD and spent years studying the in's, out's, and nuances of fueling a high-level gymnast that I realized what an impact having the right nutrition could have had on the outcome of my career.


How could I have known? The resources just weren't available to me.

As a dietitian for gymnasts, I have made it my mission to provide gymnasts with the nutrition knowledge that is a crucial part of being successful in this sport! And now, I'm able to help high level gymnasts everyday reach their highest potential, both in and out of the gym.

Since 2019, I’ve run Food for Fuel, High Performance Nutrition, where I've worked with 100s of competitive gymnasts (compulsory through elite) their parents, and coaches, teaching them what it actually means to fuel their body as a high-level gymnast.

That's why I'm so excited to introduce to you The Fueled Gymnast Academy, a virtual way for gymnasts to learn all about fueling their body to become the best version of themselves!

I believe that well fueled gymnasts are happier, healthier, and higher performing gymnasts and gymnasts  deserve to truly understand how to fuel their body for sport while also developing a healthy relationship with food and their body.

This program is for gymnasts (and parents) who are ready to take advantage of all of the benefits having a strategy for nutrition can offer. They are ready to confidently have the answer to the ever-common question "what's right for me"!

I’m so excited to welcome you to The Fueled Gymnast Academy and help you learn how to prioritize, strategize, and optimize your nutrition for performance and life beyond sport.

-Kerry Bair, RD

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Does this sound familiar...

For years. you've tried to do everything you can to achieve your big goals in the gym, but...

You're constantly tired and barely have enough energy fore practice...


You feel like you're wasting practice time not being able to work your hardest...


Your strength and endurance isn't getting any better...

You’re always sore, tired, or injured...


You're frustrated by missed practices, falling behind, and missed opportunities...


You feel stuck...

You know fueling your body is important, but you’re so confused! All the nutrition recommendations & meals plans you see aren’t actually created for a high-level gymnast like you. So...

You’re guessing at what and when to eat...

You think if you just try to eat healthy or clean...


You try to cut out foods (like sugar, carbs, gluten, dairy).

You feel like you spend too much time thinking about food. It’s confusing, time consuming, and distracting.

And you're not sure if it's even working!

Fueling your body doesn't have to be a guessing game. And you don't have to figure it out on your own.


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A 6-Week Small Group Nutrition Program Designed Specifically for Gymnasts!



The Fueled Gymnast Academy Sneak Peek

Week 1: Finding Your "Why"

The way you fuel and take care of your body has a direct impact on achieving your gymnastics goals. Understanding that "why" can make you feel empowered to take control of your nutrition in a way that is proven to help you improve your performance!

Week 2: Gymnast Fueling Basics

Every gymnast needs to what it really means to fuel your body as a competitive gymnast. Learn the basics of nutrition, how to apply them to your every-day life, and why!

Week 3: Your Performance Nutrition Strategy

Hone in your nutrition strategy before, during, and after practice to get the most out of your workouts!

Week 4: Your Hydration Strategy

Dehydration can lead to poor performance, stalled progress, and inhibited recovery. Learn what it means to stay adequately hydrated so you can perform your best!

Week 5: Be Competition Ready

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Week 6: Advanced Strategies for Recovery & Injury Prevention

The foods you eat are the building blocks for your body. This is especially important for preventing and recovering from injuries. Learn how to use fueling strategies to get you back into the gym and keep you there!

Bonus Trainings

Included are amazing additional training for parents to help them support their gymnast in their fueling journey.

How It All Works

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6 Weeks Of Learning

Each week, you'll get access to video trainings. That way, you can learn, step by step, everything you need to know about how to fuel your body and why, at your own pace!


Weekly Live Discussions

Along with the video trainings, each week, we'll meet live as a group to discuss implementing new fueling strategies and celebrate your progress. This is also a great place to get your questions answered by Kerry!

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Helpful Resources

As a part of the program, you'll get access to a series of handouts, guides, journal prompts, and recipes to take ownership of your journey.


The Fueled Gymnast Academy is For You If...

You're ready to know how to eat in a way that supports your goals

You want to feel empowered you to make your own food choices (and not just have someone tell you what you have to eat)

You want to be supported by a TEAM of other high level gymnasts to hype you up - we all know what you’re going through

You want access to a qualified nutrition professional who knows and understands what it means to be a high-level gymnast 



Eliminating your favorite foods or feeling restricted - yes, you can still eat Christmas cookies

Counting or measuring every bite of food you eat

Stepping on the scale - your weight is not the indicator of how well you do in the gym

Why I Created The Fueled Gymnast Academy!

Over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of working with so many amazing gymnasts and their families. But, the more gymnasts that I work with, the more I realize that this community still needs education and support to truly fuel their body to achieve their goals (and finish the sport happy and healthy).


For so long, real, science-backed nutrition information from a licensed professional has not been accessible to everyone! While there are so many nutritionists out there, many just don’t have the credentials and the experience within the sport of gymnastics.

Gymnasts deserve education and support that is

-Specific to the unique sport of gymnastics


-Supports nutrition challenges that go along with "just being a kid" (aka picky eating, growth and development, diet culture and peer pressure, etc.)


I believe the best strategy to achieve this is both backed in the science of sports nutrition and can be realistically applied to your life! 


That’s why I knew I needed to create an easy way for gymnasts to get the nutrition knowledge they need to be successful, both in and out of the sport. 


The Fueled Gymnast Academy is the easiest, most comprehensive way for gymnasts to learn how to fuel their body to stay healthy and reach their highest potential!

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The Fueled Gymnast Academy

A 6-Week Small Group Nutrition Program Designed Specifically for Gymnasts!

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Learn How To:

-Fuel your body so you can train and feel your best


-Implement fueling strategies  that work for your life



-Learn habits and develop a good relationship with food for gymnastics and beyond

6 weeks of nutrition education video modules to teach you everything you need to know about fueling your body as a gymnast

Bonus video modules for parents to help support your gymnast the best you can

PDF Handouts to help you take ownership of your fueling journey

Motivational Journal Prompts help you challenge limiting beliefs

Delicious Recipes to help you feel inspired

Weekly goals and  challenges that set you up for success

Weekly group calls where you can celebrate your success and ask questions

Food journal access to help you become aware of your habits and connect with your body's signals

A 6-week checklist sheet to help you keep track of your progress

What You'll Get In The Fueled Gymnast Academy

The Fueled Gymnast Academy

Get access to everything The Fueled Gymnast Academy has to offer!

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The Fueled Gymnast Academy
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2 45-Minute Private 1-on-1 Coaching Calls with Kerry:

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Frequently asked questions

What age gymnast is this program for?

The Fueled Gymnast Academy is recommended for gymnasts ages 13-18 years old. It is recommended (but not required) that gymnasts complete the learning modules with a parent or guardian.

Can I complete this course if I live outside of the continental US?

Yes! Since the learning modules are self-paced, any gymnast can learn on their own time. The live discussion sessions will be recorded if you are not able to attend. Enrollees will also have access to a group chat and private chat conversation with Kerry to be able to get your questions answered.

When do the live discussions occur?

The Fueled Gymnast Academy includes weekly live discussions. Live session days and times will be determined after enrollment closes and will be determined by the best available time for enrolled participants.

How long do I have to complete the program?

Enrolling in The Fueled Gymnast Academy gives you lifetime access to the video modules and all course materials.

What if I have questions or need more help?

This program includes chat support with Kerry as well as weekly live discussions to help you feel as supported as possible during this program. If you are looking for additional or 1-on-1 support, then the VIP option, which includes 2 1-on-1 sessions with Kerry, is for you!

How much time will I need to spend each week to complete the program?

Each week, the video modules, challenges, journals take most gymnasts approximately 1-2 hours to complete. Additionally, the weekly live discussions will last approximately 1 hour.

We've already invested so much in gymnastics - do I really need this?

Nutrition is the foundation for everything you want to achieve in the gym -- food are the literal building blocks for every piece of your body! All of the time and money invested in gymnastics, PT, strength training, mental training, chiropractors, massage therapists, specialized theapies, ETC... won't make a difference without the right fuel behind them. You've invested too much in your goals to NOT make nutrition a priority!

Can parents or coaches enroll in the program as well?

The January 2022 cohort of The Fueled Gymnast Academy is geared towards competitive gymnasts ages 13-18 years old. With enrollment, there are bonus resources included specifically for parents to help them best support their gymnast through. Future cohorts of The Fueled Gymnast Academy will be geared specifically towards parents. Please email Kerry at kerry.foodforfuel@gmail.com to be the first to know when the parent cohort is enrolling.


The Fueled Gymnast Academy

Get access to everything The Fueled Gymnast Academy has to offer!

$1799 value


(Or 2 installments of $200)
Enroll Now and Save Your Spot

The Fueled Gymnast Academy
*VIP Experience*

Get access to everything The Fueled Gymnast Academy has to offer plus

2 45-Minute Private 1-on-1 Coaching Calls with Kerry:

An Added $400 Value


(Or 2 installments of $300)
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