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Hi! I'm Kerry. I'm a Registered Dietitian and I specialize in helping competitive gymnasts fuel their bodies, prevent injuries, and reach their highest potential.

-Kerry Bair, RD, LDN, MPH

How would I know this? I've been there. I was a gymnast too. I was a 4 year level 10 competitor and a member of a Division 1 NCAA Gymnastics Team. I'm also a gymnastics coach. 


As a young athlete growing up in the sport competitive gymnastics, I learned, first hand, the importance of proper food and nutrition (and have also seen the impacts  poor nutrition can have). I believe all gymnasts should learn how to fuel their bodies so they can reach their highest potential. Nutrition and gymnastics go hand and hand, because well fueled gymnasts are also high-performing, happy, and healthy gymnasts. 

Now, I'm a Registered Dietitian (RD). As a leader in the gymnastics community, I've made it my mission to support high-performing gymnasts by providing evidence based, practical, and sport specific nutrition information to help gymnasts perform at a their highest potential and achieve their goals.


  So, a little more about me:

  • I am a Registered Dietitian (RD/LDN), registered by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in the US, Licensed in the State of Pennsylvania

  • I have 10+ years of experience working as a nutrition professional, helping gymnasts and their families fuel for success

  • I have a BS in Dietetics and Community Nutrition and a Masters Degree in Public Health, Health Education, and Behavior Science from Rutgers University


The TEAM Method

After years of working with gymnasts, I've developed the TEAM MethodMy 4 Step Proven Approach to Help Gymnasts Reach Their Highest Potential

Three Part Assessment

Your gymnast is the expert of their own body (and their life). In order to come up with the best, most effective fueling plan for your gymnast, I've got to get to know you first. The Three Part Assessment includes their health, their food habits, and their gymnastics vision, which is the baseline for building a fueling plan to get your gymnast where they want to go. 



Navigating the nutrition world can be difficult and confusing, especially when dedicating your time to a sport as intense and complex as gymnastics. As a Registered Dietitian, I believe that education is the biggest key to success. Fueling your gymnast's body begins when you understand the WHY behind it and are able to sort through all of the nutrition nonsense out there. I will give you the blueprint you need and teach your gymnast how to make fueling decisions that support their goals. 



Life is ever-changing, and your nutrition should be too. Focus on how to make food FUN, enjoyable, and easy for your lifestyle. Learn to apply your new knowledge, listen to your body, and navigate your emotions surrounding food and turn your goals into healthy habits for life.



The diet mindset in gymnastics often leads to uncertainty, restriction, feelings of guilt, and anxiety. It is easy to lose touch with what the body 's natural signals and rely on a set of made-up rules about what to and not to eat. We will focus on building a positive, empowered attitude towards food.

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Home: Welcome

I'm so glad that you are invested in your gymnast's success. If you are on this page, I've likely been speaking with your gymnast about improving their nutrition so that they can​:

  • Feel their best in the gym

  • Do better in school

  • Reach their goals

  • Prevent injuries

  • Become the best, healthiest version of themselves



Especially in gymnastics, nutrition is such a sensitive topic. It's rarely talked about and highly stigmatized.

But, did you know:

  • 4 out of 5 high-level gymnasts are under-eating

  • 77% of gymnasts will suffer at least 1 major injury before college

  • As many as 30-50% of high-level gymnasts reported engaging in disordered eating  behaviors

But, gymnasts who work with a dietitian to improve their nutrition:

  • Learn the tools to make informed food choices

  • Have more energy for school and gymnastics

  • Build more strength and endurance 

  • Struggle less with soreness

  • Are at lower risk of injury

  • Are confident in their food choices

  • Are less likely to engage in disordered eating behaviors or develop an eating disorder

  • Have a better chance of competing at a higher level



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