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An exclusive program designed for Fueled Gymnast program graduates to help you and your gymnast fuel optimally and adapt your nutrition no matter where this sport takes you!

Adequate fueling takes time, support, and consistency

The long game starts NOW!

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Curious how the most extraordinary gymnasts have continued health and competitive success, year after year?

As someone who has made their nutrition a priority in the past, you know that, just like every aspect of the sport of gymnastics, adequate fueling takes time, support, and consistency.


My most successful clients do not let the knowledge they've gained go in one ear and out the other.


They set new goals, they continue to tweak and adjust their nutrition to meet their performance goals throughout different phases of the season, as they move up levels, and grow and develop. AND they don’t try to figure it out alone. 

Wondering what's next, fueled gymnast?


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An exclusive program that offers continued fueling support and guidance for Fueled Gymnast Program graduates and alumni

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Inside this membership, you will get access to:


Quarterly live 1-on-1 check in coaching calls with me


Ongoing messenger support with me


Monthly information, resources, challenges, recipes, and more


Free access to any live, upcoming masterclasses and webinars


*Special* members-only rates on additional 1-on-1 follow-up sessions and all future nutrition programs for gymnasts

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How is this membership different from what you've already done?​

Well, you've always got to walk before you can run, and run before you can fly!


Inside The Fueled Gymnast Academy, The Fueled Gymnast Toolkit, and Fueled Gymnast 1- on -1 Coaching we laid a strong foundation for your nutrition and you collected the skills and tools needed to make important nutrition adjustments.


The Fueled Gymnast Membership is here to give you the ongoing consistency, support, and guidance to help you grow with and adapt your fueling habits, no matter where this sport takes you.

Inside the membership we work on year-round implementation through competition season, off season, growth and development, ever-changing routines, and new school schedules.


I have put together this membership to ensure you and your gymnast continue to fuel properly to see progress throughout practice, competition season, and even the off-season for years to come!

And, because you have already invested in fueling your gymnast, I wanted to design this membership to be accessible and with multiple registration options to best support the needs of your family and your gymnast.

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As a member of the Fueled Gymnast Family, I wanted to extend an invitation for you and your family to get inside!


12 months inside The Fueled Gymnast Membership: $77/month


6 months inside The Fueled Gymnast Membership: $97/month

Your insurance benefits may drop your membership payments down to as low as $45 a month!

I believe in making nutrition coaching and resources accessible to as many gym families as possible and again, thank you for being a proactive leader and investing in me. It has been my pleasure having you as part of The Fueled Gymnast family and hope to see you inside The Fueled Gymnast Membership!

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