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Disclosure Policy: Food For Fuel: High Performance Nutrition

Information presented on represents informational services only.  None of the information on this site should be considered as a medical diagnosis or treatment for an individual, but rather general guidance for a healthy individual to follow to live a healthy lifestyle.  The information presented is based on my (Kerry Bair, RDN, LDN, MPH) interpretation of scientific research.  Please consult your physician or a registered dietitian before beginning any specific dietary regimen.  I value transparency and ethics in nutrition writing and reporting.  

I am committed to blog with integrity.  As part of my business, I may accept payment for freelance projects and ongoing consulting work for companies or organizations.  These posts will be clearly identified.  The opinions on products or services are my own and I align my business with companies whom share a similar philosophy and ethical standards.

I also may act as an affiliate for certain clients where I may receive free product and/or a small commission on sales made through either this website or coupon codes disseminated through social media outlets. Any such posts will contain a disclosure statement such as #ad or #sponsored.

Thank you for supporting brands that allow me to continue investing time into Food for Fuel: High Performance Nutrition.

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