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The 3 Steps Gymnasts Can Take to Talk Your Parents About Nutrition

As a registered dietitian for gymnasts, I help competitive gymnasts fuel their bodies, prevent injuries, and reach their highest potential. I talk with gymnasts every day who are starting to understand the connection between what they eat, how they feel, and how they perform.

High level gymnasts have big goals. And they're willing to do what it takes to reach those goals: countless tough hours in the gym, social sacrifices, PT, mental health training, and more!

But when it comes to nutrition, the conversation seems to stop at parents. Of course, every gymnast's parents want to see them succeed! But why is the conversation about nutrition so difficult? Why is it so hard for them to see the benefit of adding a dietitian to your team?

Maybe they don't see how much of a competitive edge you could gain by fueling right...

Maybe your parents have their own set of food rules?

Or maybe they feel like they're doing the best they can balancing, everything on their own plate?

Maybe they've already invested so much in your training, that it feels hard to ask them for more?

Or mabye they just don't understand what it really means to go "all in" on your gymnastics goals?

Whatever the reason may be, talking to your parents about nutrition and the benefits of teaming up with a Registered Dietitian and gymnastics nutrition expert can be difficult.

Next time you think about working with a dietitian, follow these 3 steps that turn a "no" into a "yes" and get them on board:

  1. Explain the Problem: Your parents might not even know that you've been thinking about performance nutrition lately. They may not know about some of the struggles you've been facing, like low energy during training, stalled strength, endurance, or overall progress, or injuries. Or that these struggles could be solved through a better fueling plan. Let them know! This conversation doesn't have to happen all at once, but starting to talk about it plants that seed in their head and doesn't feel like a surprise down the road.

  2. Explain the Solution: Help them to understand that it takes a team to reach your goals, and a dietitian needs to be on your team. Working with a dietitian can help identify any gaps in your fueling plan and teach you to fuel your body in a way that supports your goals, while getting support for the whole family along the way.

  3. Talk through objections: It's likely that your parents may still have some objections when it comes to investing in a dietitian. Ask "why" 3 or more times to get to the true reason they are objecting and talk them through together. While you may not know how to answer all their questions, you don't have to talk through any of this alone. I'd be happy to offer you and your parents a free discovery call to help them better understand what it means to go all in and add a Registered Dietitian to your team.

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Kerry Bair, RD, LDN, MPH

The Gymnast RD

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