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Welcome to my blog! The intersection of purpose and passion.

Hi! My name is Kerry Bair and I am the Registered Dietitian behind Food for Fuel: High Performance Nutrition. I am nationally registered dietitian, licensed in the state of Pennsylvania. As a young athlete growing up in the sport competitive gymnastics, I learned first hand the importance of proper food and nutrition (and have also seen the impacts poor or inadequate nutrition can have).

I have this vision, where nutrition and gymnastics go hand and hand. Where healthy, balanced eating is prioritized by athletes, parents, coaches, and the overall culture of the sport. I believe in real food and food that tastes good. I believe in salads and steaks. I believe that healthy, affordable food can be accessible to all. I believe in everything in moderation, including moderation. I believe in ice cream and cookies. I believe in eating local and discovering what your community has to offer. I believe in being active and fit, whatever that means for you. And I believe that health is a journey, not just a destination.

I am so excited that my career (nutrition) and passion (gymnastics) have finally intersected!

Food for Fuel: High Performance Nutrition is a sports nutrition practice run by a former competitive gymnast, geared specifically towards the needs of gymnasts. Through one-on-one counseling, group nutrition sessions, and indirect outreach, the mission of Food for Fuel is to be a nutrition resource for gymnasts and the gymnastics community that provides evidence based, practical, and sport specific nutrition information to help gymnasts perform at a higher level. Since food is fuel for the body, it is also our mission to help gymnasts develop a healthy relationship with food that will apply not only to their gymnastics career, but to their life outside of gymnastics as well. ​

Please get in touch with me to learn more about the opportunities available for you.

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Kerry Bair, RD, LDN, MPH

The Gymnast RD

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