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3 Signs You Need Some Extra Support With Your Nutrition

As a gymnast, I know you have a lot on your plate (literally and figuratively). You're trying to do well in school. You practice 20+ hours a week in the gym and have meets on weekends. You go to PT. You want to be involved in some extra-curricular activities. You've got family expectations. And you're trying to still have some sort of semblance of a social life. And at some point you have to sleep!

As a former gymnast myself, I know you are under a ton of pressure to perform your best. You have big goals for yourself. You have to live up to your coach's expectations. You want to make your parents proud.

I remember when I was in high-school, I would wake up at 5:45am for school and I wouldn't stop moving until 10pm at night (if i was lucky!). It was A LOT!

And I thought I was doing great! I got good grades in honors and AP classes (and made National Honor Society). I made it to level 10 by 9th grade and was on the NCAA track. I had an amazing group of friends. I volunteered. Sang in the choir.

But the red flags started popping up...

I was always falling asleep in class. 🚩

My body always hurt and I was always injured. 🚩🚩

Skills and routines that used to be so simple for me now felt like a challenge. 🚩🚩🚩

People always said that I didn't have to pay attention to what I ate because I exercised so much. However, as a high-level gymnast, this could not be farther from the truth. If only I recognized the signs...

3 Signs You Need Some Extra Support With Your Nutrition

1. You're Tired All The Time

You fall asleep in school. You feel tired, sluggish, and weak during practice. You're dead by the last rotation! You wake up tired (always wake up feeling like you've been hit by a bus). You try to prioritize 8+ hours to sleep, but you have difficulty sleeping at night (you can't fall asleep or stay asleep). The thought of hanging out with your friends (or doing anything extra) feels like too much - you'd rather just lay in bed.

If something's missing with your nutrition (whether it's enough total energy or enough of a specific nutrient) it's hard to expect your body to run at 100%. When under-fueled, your body is constantly trying to conserve energy, and as a result, things slow down (and some "functions" even turn off).

2. You can't stay healthy: Your immune system, your bone health, your ligament, tendon, and muscle health, all require building blocks from food to grow and stay strong as well as recover from practice or injury. If you're frequently getting sick (colds, infections, viruses, etc.) or you're always incredibly sore or injured, it's likely that you're missing the mark with your nutrition.

3. You're getting passed in the gym: With season right around the corner, I know you're feeling the pressure to be routine ready. But, you're struggling through your skills. You're having a hard time getting through routines and assignments. Even though you do the same assignments and the same conditioning program, your teammates are way ahead of you. If you feel like your progress has stalled in the gym (especially compared to your teammates), your fueling strategy probably needs to be adjusted.

When you gain the knowledge and have support with your nutrition, you can start

  • Feeling better

  • Feeling feeling more energized

  • Crushing your goals in the gym

Nutrition is not something you have to figure out on your own! Working with a Registered Dietitian can help you feel confident with your fueling plan and learn to fuel success!

If you are ready to know how to eat in a way that supports your goals and are interested in learning more about nutrition to fuel you body in a way that helps you feel your best and reach your goals, the Fueled Gymnast Academy is for you! Secure your spot by December 22nd 2021 and save $100!


Kerry Bair, RD, LDN, MPH

The Gymnast RD

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