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Why You Should Sit Down and Have Meals with Your Family This Month.

Bair/Silverman Family Thanksgiving 2019

September is Family Meals Month. And while quarantine might have forced our families to sit down at the table together more than we normally would, a return to school, work, and training might mean this, again, becomes a thing of the past.

There are a lot of benefits when families sit down at the table and share a meal together.

Studies have shown that when families eat together:

  • Adults and children make more nutritious and well rounded food choices

  • People who eat home-cooked meals eat an overall more nutritious diet

  • They are overall healthier

  • They enjoy a wider variety of foods

  • Adults and children are less likely to be overweight or obese

  • Kids and teens are more likely to eat nutritious foods

  • Kids and teens are less likely to develop eating disorders

  • Children are more likely to develop good social behaviors as adults, such as sharing, fairness, and respect

  • Teens develop better relationships with their parents (which makes them more likely to talk to them about hard topics #gymnastalliance) and do better in school

  • Teens are at lower risk of using drugs, drinking, smoking, or doing delinquent acts

  • Teens are less likely to show symptoms of depression

A Food Industry Association 2020 report found that while 90% of families wished they could eat together only 30% of families actually share dinner together every night.

So what can you do?

  • Make a plan to include 1 more meal together each week (it doesn't have to be dinner!)

  • Turn off the TV and put down the devices during meal time

  • Use a conversation starter

  • Plan meals for when everyone is home

  • Involve everyone in menu planning and make a meal everyone will enjoy

  • Use storebought shortcuts and your kitchen appliances to make mealtime on busy days quick easy

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